Holiday Foods-Advent Calendar

In Christmas on December 2, 2009 at 6:28 PM

Without a doubt, food plays a central part to our holiday celebrations.

The biggest is of course the dinner on Christmas Day.  We have turkey, and occasionally a ham as well, stuffing, cranberry (berry & jellied), black olives, sweet mixed pickles, layer salad, buns, and a huge complement of vegetable sides (having both vegetarians and raw foodists in the family).  This usually comprises mashed potatoes, cauliflower (often with cheese sauce…mmmmm), corn, carrots,  with a variety of others including peas, chard, spinach, brocolli and brussel sprouts to name a few.  The brussel sprouts were a bit of an issue one Christmas about 20 years ago as they were, well, not quite cooked (read as “hard as rocks”).  So they became projectiles used confetti-like as family left after dinner.  They then also became the source of a longstanding family joke for many Christmases after, with gifts of brussel sprout bouquets, brussel sprout facial packs, brussel sprout jewelry and others were bantied about.

And then there’s dessert.  Ah, dessert.  This brings up what has become an annual discussion–to pumpkin pie, or not to pumpkin pie.  Is it traditional Christmas, or just for Thanksgiving?  I’m happy to report (being a fan obviously), traditional or not, it graces our dessert table.  As does apple pie, and often a berry pie, nanaimo bars of course, fruit cake with almond paste icing, and an assortment of other baked goods.  Not to mention a variety of boxed chocolates.

The morning after calls for turkey and toast–open faced or sandwiched, toasted white bread with a little mayo, cranberry, stuffing and cold turkey.  M’mmmm!


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