Christmas Cards–Advent Calendar

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Cards we received would be displayed set upon the top of the piano or along the mantel piece generally.  Grandma and grandpa Akeson received a large number of cards, and would have them hung on a string up high on the wall, sometimes going around a corner even.

I don’t really remember mom or dad sitting down to write Christmas Cards to all and sundry.  I do recall, however, mom would buy special Christmas Cards for both their parents.  By special, I mean cards like from Hallmark or Carlton, “To our parents” sorta thing, as opposed to the box of more anonymous cards one usually buys and sends out.

Dad talks about memories of cards on the Christmas Tree as he was growing up, something we have done in miniature (ie 2 or 3 cards only) from time to time, usually when it’s “gift” card.

Below are three “old” Christmas Cards I’m lucky enough to have possession of as family historian.  The Santa card dates from 1917 and was sent to my grandma Painter her first Christmas from an uncle and aunt.  The other two cards were sent from grandpa Painter to his parents and family during World War One (one from 1916 and the other probably from 1917).  You may have spotted that grandma Painter was just born and grandpa was old enough to be fighting overseas in 1917–there was a 24 year gap in their ages, grandpa being 49 when he finally married.  I can’t help but think that WWI left some large scars on grandpa, perhaps contributing to his long bachelorhood.  Which is rather getting off the topic of christmas cards.

The ideas for these Christmas postings come from the Advent Calendar of Memories ( topics suggested at — thank you geneabloggers for helping guide me down memory lane!

  1. […] This postcard was given to my grandmother on her first Christmas, 1917.  While grandma was in Vancouver, BC, I’m not sure where Uncle Fred and Aunt Blanche were living at the time (Aha! a new genealogy project!).  I also wrote about this card in another post that may be found here. […]

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