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In Christmas on December 9, 2009 at 7:29 PM

Our player piano formed an important part of the holidays around our house.  It’s an old 1920s pump-it-yourself type of piano, so not only do you have fun singing at the top of your lungs, you also get a work-out.  This time of year meant we got to play the special rolls in the green boxes (regular rolls are in red boxes), all christmas songs.

Now us kids, we used the player piano on a weekly basis throughout the year.  The adults, however, only pumped it during the holiday season and were tuckered out fairly quickly.  As a kid I didn’t understand this–how was it they could be tired so quickly?  Being clever adults, they would soon recruit us kids to do the pumping.

I have this player piano in my home now.  I only pull out the rolls and pump it maybe three or four times a year, generally around this time of year.  NOW I understand the adults issues all those years ago…it has become hard work all of a sudden.  I’m sure this is simply because the bellows need redoing or some of the wheels need lubricating.  No way it could have anything to do with my age, or even with my lack of physicality.  Surely neither of those things have anything to do with it.  *wink*

  1. My parents have a player piano, too. Reading your post summoned up the memories of our own experiences with the rolls. Thanks for sharing your story.

  2. […] LPs and 45s were not our only source of music.  As I’ve written before, the Player Piano (something like this one) played into our Christmas spirit.  As well mom and I […]

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