Christmas at School–Advent Calendar

In Christmas on December 16, 2009 at 9:14 AM

Christmas concerts!  Ah, the memories.

One of my first memories was from Grade 1 in Port Moody.  I remember I was chosen to play one of  three angels.  But having  heard almost everyone else in class being told they would be a “child” in the play, and not wanting to be different, I asked to play one of the children instead of an angel. And so it was that I played the part of a child at the ripe old age of 6.

By Christmas of Grade 2 we were in Squamish.  I seem to recall the concert them may’ve been The Grinch who Stole Christmas.  Our class had a song to sing.  During the concert one of our classmates fainted dead away.  Apparently he had been sick but had still come.  I seem to recall he had a couple of stitches to his head, but nothing terribly serious.  The next school day we all had to make a get-well card for him.

I don’t recall much of other Christmas concerts.  Later on, when I was old enough to join Band (Grade 6) then I started being in Band concerts which I thoroughly enjoyed.

In a time before religious pluralism in schools,  Christmas was a time of crafts involving a lot of coloured cardboard cutouts of trees and stars, some paper chains, and sometimes even the use of that extra special item, glitter!  It also meant a lightened workload generally–funny how just the opposite was true in University, with exams and papers marking the holiday season.


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