Calendars and time

In My Genealogy on December 30, 2009 at 2:34 PM

Surprisingly I did not receive a calendar for Christmas this year, so I found myself in the mall today hoping to get one at a good discount.  But it got me wondering why I feel so strongly that I need to have a calendar before January 1st.  If the Publishers don’t recognize the new year, does that mean  time stops existing?  If there were no calendars, would we just live the same day over and over?  Well, this was getting too philosophical for my christmas-treat-laden mind to grasp.

So, having not found a calendar I like I am about to venture forth in time without one.  What will change, how will it be different, will time as we know it stop?  I’ll let you know January 2nd if we’re all still here.

This also brought up a tradition that we have from my mom’s side of the family where a new calendar should not be put on the wall or displayed until January 1st.  I’m not sure what would happen if we did, but I’m thinking it would bring bad luck.  Okay, you might call it a superstition.  I’m wondering if anyone has a similar tradition, or variations on it?

  1. Our family calendar tradition is to obtain those wall scheduling calendars – from Sheetz if possible, from Staples or Office Depot otherwise. Additional calendars with nice pictures are OK, but they are not the “essential calendar.” Favorite calendar picture subjects are Lord of the Rings illustrations and icons.

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