Some days start out ordinary enough

In Hansom, My Genealogy on January 1, 2010 at 11:42 AM

So after my little rant about findmypast, I received an email offering 30% off at$210 USD for the World Collection.  Well, this collection not only gives me the UK censuses, but also the US and Canadian, plus other records.  Yup, I signed up yesterday.

So as I was browsing through some of their records I saw they had on offer Form30A , a form filled out by all ship passenger arriving in Canada for a short period.  In this case that was for 1919-1924, under the title of Canada Ocean Arrivals.  Well I knew my nana (great-grandmother) arrived in 1922–I’m lucky enough to have a copy of a concert programme from the voyage!  So I looked hers up, nothing too new there, but still nice to have.  Next I looked up her husband who had come earlier, although I wasn’t sure how much earlier.  And there he was, easy as pie, arriving in 1921.

Reading down, I saw that he listed  his reason for leaving Canada was the “R.N.C.V.R”.  I knew he had joined WWI, I thought in the Merchant Marine, but none of these initials looked anything like “M”.

So this moring I did a little research, and it only took a little, to find out that RNCVR is the Royal Naval Canadian Volunteer Reserve.  The Navy.  After years of boning up on Merchant Marines, and finding that their records for the period are pretty much non-existant., he was in the Navy!

A few keystrokes later and I was the Library & Archives Canada website, finding a handy-dandy referal to RNCVR records here.  I love!  So I have now ordered photocopies of a WWI service file I had for years thought no longer existed.  This is shaping up to be a very good new year!


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