My brick wall & Irish research

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Great-grandma Deac was, supposedly, born in Dublin in October 1882, and has a maiden name of Walsh.  I say supposedly because I have been to Dublin and done the research and can find no record of her.  In any case, I’m always on the lookout for new Irish sources being made available on line.

One of my favourites of course is the Canadian-Irish joint project to get both the 1911 & 1901 Irish censuses indexed and images online.  The 1911 is now fully searchable at with both transcriptions and images of the original householder forms available free.  I have to say I am quietly proud of our Canadian government for having the foresight to participate in this project.

Today I found another promising source.  Right now it “only” has church records from Counties Kerry & Dublin, but it sounds like there might be more in the future.  It’s funded by the Irish Minstry for Art, Sport and Tourism so is government funded, and it’s free.  It appears to offer transcriptions only at this point, but it does give references should one wish to follow up.  Find the site at

And yes, I’ve searched for grandma Deac to no avail.  Hope still lives.

  1. I think I may have a link with your tree. I found this by accident and recognised the name.
    I am a Deacon by birth. Living in Plymouth England and am Cornish by birth.

    My late father Pascoe Worden Deacon grew up in Tintagel Cornwall. He died in 2008.
    I have been doing research ever since.

    I am fascinated by the fact I have Slate Quarry workers as ancestors and am trying to trace anyone connected.

    I have an email from dated 2001 talking about William Henry Deacon her great -grandfather. He was born June 5 1882 died Oct 19 1926 of intestinal problems in Vancouver,BC Canada.

    He married Beatrice nee Walsh of Ireland believed to have met at a sanitarium in the south of England. Around 1914 they came to Canada first to Montreal: then Sudbury and finally Vancouver where he was a maitre’de.( Think it meant a waiter) They had two children Francis and Kenneth both of whom died young.

    This person had a death certificate that states Williams father’s name as Kirsty.

    I will have to study my own tree to see where he fits in but if you want me to do some more research I will. I have just started a wordpress page as I would like to expand my research.

    Alison Plymouth

    • Hi Alison,
      That would’ve been me you had contact with in 2001. 🙂 So clearly we must be related. How exciting that you’re looking into the slate quarryers!
      I’ve been surprised by the lack of Deacon family doing research, compared to other lines in my family history. We’ve even had our DNA tested, but no matches within the Deacon line yet.
      Feel free to contact me at the email address you already have from above.

      • Found something for you. Frances Sparrow Born 15 June 1918 died 28 Aug 1956 North Vancouver British Columbia age 38 Husband William John Sparrow

        Father William Henry Deacon
        Mother Beatrice Walsh

        There are loads of Beatrice Walsh s to look up!!
        Found on Family Search free site Jehovah Witness site records

        Hope this helps

        Alison Plymouth England

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