My Akesons and Achesons, not to be confused

In My Genealogy on January 9, 2010 at 9:10 PM

One of these days I will follow the advice out there and actually have a formal research plan that I follow and document.  In the meantime I love days like today.

I went to the subscription site and just started browsing through what they had on offer.  Seeing a number of Ontario databases,  I realized I had a number of relations that might be found in it.  Plus the Drouin collection (Quebec) which should never be underestimated.

Within a couple of hours I had found scans of original documents taking my (adoptive) Akeson family (mom’s side) back to the mid 1800s and Sweden.

I also took back my Acheson family (from my dad’s side) back to the early 1800s, from Ireland through a short stint in England and into Canada.

There were amongst both these families something that was likely the norm for the times, deaths of children.  Not just one child in a family, but multiple children.  Some at birth, some stillborn and some older.  Just a good reminder to appreciate the health care we have today.

I love these unexpected jaunts through history, never quite knowing where you’re going or where you might end up, or if you’ll find anything at all.  I’m sure research plans have their place, and one day I may find that place.


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