Lost Family

In Deacon, My Genealogy on January 28, 2010 at 8:52 PM

Watching Ancestors in the Attic (History Channel) tonight reminded me of my grandaunt’s baby girl.  The story goes that she was adopted out through, possibly, the Catholic Children’s Aid Society.  The family who adopted her may have moved to Victoria.  I have searched, off and on, to find her or any family she may have had.  No luck yet.

It’s another tragic story in the Deacon recent-history.  My grandaunt loved and was engaged to the baby’s father either at the time or shortly afterwards, however the baby was born out of wedlock, and being a good Catholic family, that was a no-no.  As it happens, the baby’s father died of pneumonia within a short time, before they had married, at the tender age of 21.

The story continues.  My grandaunt loved kids.  She did marry later, but it ended up  she could not conceive–she had ovarian cancer.  That cancer took more than a decade before it claimed her life at the age of 38.

Her brother, my grandfather, died of Banti’s disease at age 24.

This is my brick wall family.  My grandfather and grandaunt’s mother was Beatrice Annie (or Anne).  Paperwork I have says her maiden name was Walsh, and that she was born in “Dublin, Ireland”.  She had only the two children, and one stillborn in between, that I am aware of.  Their father, her husband, died in 1926 at age 45 (intestinal blockage–can you imagine?) when the kids were just young.  She herself lived to 75 or 85, depending on which document you believe regarding her birthdate.  They seem to me to be a family who went through more tragedies than many.


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