Feystown Cemetery, Co. Antrim, North of Ireland

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I’ve noticed that folks who do a google-type search for Feystown keep landing at my home page.  It’s not completely ludicrous, as I do have a couple of postings, including photos, about Feystown.  However, those postings are in the archives and do not show up on my Home page.  So, if you’re one of those folks, I’ve added a Search bar tool at the bottom of my home page.  Just enter “Feystown” and you should find all my entries on it.  Currently it will take you here.  I’d love to hear what you folks know/learn about Feystown as there really isn’t much “out there”–please leave me feedback under Comments!

  1. Hi. I’m interested in Feystown as many of my ancestors are buried there & I’m interested in finding out records of my family tree which are diffficult to come by pre 1901.
    My name is Adrian Petticrew & I’m living in Co. Clare.
    Can you give me a contact name for someone who may have access to church records for Feystown? Rgds.

    • Hi there. I’m not sure who would have records other than the church itself–ST MARY’S CHURCH, Feystown, Glenarm, Co Antrim, BT44 OEA. The Priest travels between the churches, and can be contacted at: Very Rev Aidan Kerr PP,
      Parochial House, 1 The Cloney, Glenarm, Co Antrim, BT44 0AB.
      Tel: 2884 1246.
      I do not how he would feel about being contacted about historical records, but it certainly would be helpful to have them copied (and perhaps even transcribed?) and put online if someone were willing. (I live in Canada myself, so it’s a bit of a distance)
      Which surnames are you looking for–I did get some pictures of names other than McRandal and McKinstry.

  2. Felix McKillop of Glenarm might be able to help. He has a website.

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