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I was reminiscing yesterday with my sister about Hallowe’en when we were kids, this would be the 1970s and 1980s.  How we’d take our pillow cases and go door to door, usually with a group of my friends, and dad.  When we came home our pillow cases were often soaked through (it rained most Hallowe’ens), but that was no matter.  We’d excitedly dump our loot out on the floor and the trading would begin…”I’ll give you two of these, for one of those”, etc.  I always wanted the chocoalte bars, which were rare in those days.  Neither of us seemed to want those (horrible) “Hallowe’en Kisses”…no, not as in nummy Hershey Kisses.  Hallowe’en kisses, mollassess icky candy.

There were Kraft caramels, with me, of course, wanting the dark (chocolate) flavoured ones.  And those candies, I believe they were called “Bats”…like a flat caramel on a stick…mmmmmm.  The dentist who lived in the neighbourhood always gave out toothbrushes and/or apples.  Well, what could we do, we couldn’t just skip his door, although in our minds we may as well have.  Apples were such a disappointment.  Anytime I would ask if there was dessert after dinner (and there never was to speak of), I was told to “have an apple”.  Heartily disappointing.

One year we trapsed up this big hill to go trick-or-treating.  Very few kids ventured up–it was a steep hill with relatively few houses.  But at the top, man did we score!  Full size chocolate bars!

Of course, it wasn’t ALL about the candy, just mostly.  Dressing up is something I loved doing (still do, come to think about it).   Few could afford to buy costumes so we got to raid the closets at home and be creative.

In the pre-Hallowe’en excitement, I would start to decorate.  For a few years I even did a full scene in our of windows, with dress dummy and floating ghost, carefully lit.  I enjoyed doing that immensely.  Even if we did only get a handful (6 or 7) of trick-or-treaters venture up our long steep driveway to enjoy my careful work.

Now I finally live somewhere where there are no such barriers to discourage the trick-or–treaters and my decorating can be appreciated by all who pass.  And I give out the “good stuff”…not just one or two chocolate bars, but a little baggie for each kid, with chocolate, candy and a little toy (for those, like my nephew, who can not have the traditional candy or chocolate).  I give out stuff that I would’ve loved to have gotten.  And what fun it is!

Happy Haunting everyone!


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