Rememberance Day

In Uncategorized on November 11, 2010 at 9:36 AM

Today brings up confusion.  I do not understand war, I do not understand the “need” for war.  And I wonder, would there have been a desire for a Hitler in Germany if World War One had ended differently.  What about Saddam Hussein if the Gulf War had ended differently?  And who is being bred now in Afghanistan?

How different would my family history be if my grandfather had not fought 4 years overseas in World War One, or his brother, my great-uncle, had died there.  And what of my biological grandfather who died as a result of World War Two?  Who would we be, who would our families be?

The argument seems to be that we would not be enjoying the lifestyle we enjoy now if these sacrifices had not been made.  Perhaps we’d all be speaking German instead of English, perhaps the conditions would be more like those of the dirty 30s, maybe there would have been many more wars.

I do not understand this need for violence, this desire some people have to arm themselves and hurt others in order to further their own cause.  So perhaps that is in itself the answer–I can live in confusion because others have made the sacrifice.  But let’s not glorify it.  Let’s not encourage other sacrifices, let’s encourage peaceful mediations, other ways to end disputes, and perhaps most importantly, understanding and tolerance amongst all people.

Today I hope for peace.  I think that’s what my grandfather’s fought for.

  1. Thanks! I share your confusion and I, too, hope and pray for peace.

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