Waiting on a census-1921

In Uncategorized on July 21, 2013 at 11:10 AM

*Sssiiiggghhh*  The 1921 Census of Canada was released from Statistics Canada on June 1st and given to Library and Archives Canada, who have promised to have it digitized and released online asap.  Except asap is taking a looonnnngggg time.

While I’ll be excited to find all the branches of my family on this census that I can, I’m most excited to look at my brick-wall Deacon family.  It’ll be the first census where I know where they were living and so should, knock on wood, find them fairly easily.  Depending on the information they provided, it is potentially brick-wall knocking-down time.  Or at least brick-wall chipping-away time.

I was just having a look at the census headings to see what sort of information was collected (thank you BCGS!  Have a look at it here)  I see several potential nuggets of information for me–religion (I know they were Catholic later, but suspect they may not have been earlier), year of immigration (his was 1913, but hers??), and the birthplace of their parents.  Yippee! I so hope they are on this census, and that they told the truth, and that it was recorded correctly and legibly, and that the microfilmer was working diligently and the page they’re on is clear and easy to read.

The politics of this release (or non-release) are bothersome.  But this Conservative government has made certain judgement calls about the Canadian population and what is important–saving pennies (funny as pennies were just discontinued this year) is important, history is not.  In previous years they have sold historical items belonging to the people of Canada, and in one instance at least, sold items on loan from the Buckingham Palace (see article here, but good luck trying to find any other information about it.  Harper runs a tight-lipped ship).


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