1921 Canada Census-Vancouver, BC

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UPDATE (30 October 2013): The images are now Indexed on  There are varying reports on the accuracy of the transcriptions.

Images only *NOT INDEXED* on as of today.

Here are some rough notes I’ll add to as I view through the scanned images.  If you know the street name you’re looking for, trying using ctrl+f (find) to search this posting for it.  Note that streets are regularly seen in more than one subdistrict, addresses jump around and are rarely in complete numerical order (ie: 2000-2200s may be on pages 4 through 6, then 1900s on page 10, some more 2100s on page 14, and 2800s on page 18).  It looks like the lower subdistrict numbers start in the West (ie Point Grey) and then move Eastward (ie Renfrew St and area).  Lower number addresses will be either closer to the water (ie North) if they are North-South streets, or closer to Ontario Street (the dividing street between East and West addresses) if they are East-West streets.  Check page by page if your ancestors aren’t home where they should be–while some of the folks who were not home the first time around the enumerator went are listed on the last pages of a Subdistrict, some of them are caught willy-nilly in the midst of completely different addresses.

I see from my blog stats that I’m getting a fair number of visitors to this page.  Are any of you finding this at all useful? Would it be better if I just deleted this page so as to not confuse google search results for Vancouver 1921 census?  Leave me a comment below.  Thanks!

I’m starting with Vancouver, which includes North Vancouver (but NOT Vancouver Centre, or Vancouver South): (DISTRICT 13) (see my Downtown Vancouver-District 22- notes here)

Subdistrict 1, Ward 6–covers around Dunbar and 3rd Ave. (18 pages)

Subdistrict 2, Ward 6–covers around Dunbar, Collingwood, 5,6,7,8th Avenues (address in the 3000s) through at least 17th avenue WEST…address 3200, 3300, 3400, 3500, 3600s, Broadway west in these addresses (33 pages)

Subdistrict 3, Ward 6–covers around 3200 Pt Grey Rd, 3100, 3200 14th Ave. W, 3100 thru 3300 2nd Ave, 1800-2100 Blenheim, 3200 6th ave w, 3100 Broadway  (22 pages)

Subdistrict 4, Ward 6-covers around 2600-3100 Pt Grey Rd, 2600-3200 2nd thru 5th Ave W, 1800 Mcdonald (18 pages)

Subdistrict 5, Wards 8 and 9–covers around 2000 Macdonald, 2800 7th ave w, 2800-3300- 5th thru 8th ave w, 3000-3100 9th thru 16th ave w. (15 pages)

Subdistrict 6, Ward 6–covers around 2600 10/11th Ave. W, 2800 14th ave w,  2500-2600 Mackenzie…… (23 pages)



(getting impatient to find my family…lol)


Sudistrict 9, Ward 6–covers around 2100/2200 4th ave w…., (23 pages)

Subdistrict 13, Ward 6–covers around 1800 8th ave W…. (27 pages)

Subdistrict 20, Ward 6–covers around 1200 Broadway, 1200 3rd ave we…. (25 pages)

**note: Generally there is no 9th Ave–it is Broadway

Subdistrict 32, Ward 5–200/300s 11th/12th/13th/14th/15th/16th Ave E, 2700/3000s Sophia ,2700-3000s Prince Edward, 300s Kingsway, 2700/2800/3100s Main (18 pages)

Subdistrict 33, Ward 5–700s/1800-2600s Main St, 2600s Howard, 200/300s 5th/6th/8th/10th/11th ave e, 200/300s Kingsway, 2100/2400/2600s Prince Edward,  1700/2000s Scotia, 200/300s Dufferin e, 200/300s Front St E  (28 pages)

Subdistrict 34, Ward 5–400/500s 5th/6th/7th/8th ave e, 400/500s Broadway east, 2100/2300s Prince Edward,  2100-2400s Guelph, 2100/2200s St. George, 2200 Carolina (17 pages)

Ward 5, subdistrict 35–2500-2700s Scott, 400-600s Broadway, 2500-2900s Carolina, 400s-600s 10th/11th/12th/13th/14th/15th/16th ave east, 2500-2800s Guelph, 2600-3100s St George, 2700-3100s Prince Edward, 400s-600s Kingsway  (34 pages)

Ward 5, subdistrict 36–700s-1000s 12th/13th/14th/15th/16th Ave East, 1235/2800s-3100s St Catherines, 2800s-3000s Scott, 2800s Burns, 2800-3100s Windsor (22pages)

Ward 5, subdistrict 37–700s/800s Broadway, 700s-1000s 10th/11th/12th Ave East,  2600/2700 St Catherines, 2500 Burns,  (15 pages)

Ward 5, subdistrict 38–covers around 600s-800s 5th/6th/7th/8th Ave East, 2300s Burns, 2200/2300 St Catherine, 2200/2300 Scott, 600s-800s Broadway, 2300/2400 Carolina (18 pages)

Ward 5, subdistrict 39–covers around  1000s-1600s 8th Ave East, 900s-1600s Broadway, 2200 Commercial,  1300s 7th Ave E, 2400 Clark Dr, 2300 St Catherines  (13 pages)

Ward 5, subdistrict 40–covers around 1100-1600 Broadway EAST, 2600-2700 Woodland, 1100-1600s 12th Ave E, 2600s Glen, 2500-2700s Clark, 2600/2700s Commerical, 1500/1600s 11th Ave E …  (22 pages)

Subdistrict 41, Ward 5–1100-1600s 12th/13th/14th/15th ave E, 2800-3100s Clark Dr, , 2800-2900s Woodland (22 pages)

Ward 5, subdistrict 42–covers a lot of 11th avenue E (1700-2200)  (21 pages)

Subdistrict 43, Ward 5–2200s Commerical, 1700-2200s 6th/7th/8th/9th Ave E, E, 2200/2300s Victoria Dr, 2200-2300s Garden Dr, 2300s Nanaimo, (14 pages) (found my Sparrows here)

Subdistrict 44, Ward 8–covers around 400s 16th thru 25th Ave E, 3200 Prince Edward, 3300 Main St,  … (37 pages)

Subdistrict 45, Ward 8–covers around 600/700s 25th ave east, 3200/3800/3900 Fraser , 700 Kingsway, …(25 pages)

Subdistrict 46, Ward 8–covers around 800-900 Kingsway, 900s 16th Ave E., 3300 Windsor St., 3300-3400 St. Catherine’s St., 800 22nd Ave E.,… (19 pages)

Subdistrict 47, Ward 8–covers around 4000 Clark Dr, 1200 25th Ave E, 1100 Kingsway, 1100 19th Ave E, 3300 Inverness … (18 pages)

Subdistrict 48, Ward 7–2400-3100s Wall St, noted re slocan and lachine streets, Wall & Windimere (“Chinese apartments”), Vancouver Children’s Home/Aid Society (! I had no idea such at thing had ever existed, but of course it would’ve), 2400/2800/2900s Yale St, 2300s-3000s Trinity St, 100/200/300/500s Clinton, 10s/200/300s Nanaimo, 2400-2900s McGill, 300s Kaslo, “Hastings Station” (on train!..I like this enumerator, takes his job seriously!),  2400-2900s Eton,  10s/300s Renfrew, 2400-2700s Cambridge,  2400-2800s Oxford, 2400-2800s Dundas, 10s/300s Renfrew, 10s/100/200s Kamloops, 2400-2800s Triumph, 10s Slocan, 10s/300s Kaslo, 2400-2800s Pandora, 2800s Borden(?), 2400-2800s Albert,  400s 12th ave E (these are crossed out, but still legible), 2300/2400/2600s Hastings East  (42 pages) (found my Smiths here)

If anyone comes across 2532 St. Catherine’s Street, in which a Deacon family should be living, please note where you found it and contact me.  I swear the enumerators did every house surrounding them, but none of the 2500 block of St. Catherine’s Street.  And of course, this is my brick wall family.  *sigh* lol

  1. […] not having much luck finding my brick wall ancestors in Vancouver, district 13 (see my previous post), I’m forging ahead with a new plan.  Maybe they didn’t move from their old address […]

  2. Please do not delete your posts re:1921 Census. I love everything you have put up. I am the one in my family who is trying to piece together our history. I have been eagerly awaiting the 1921 census to find information on my family as well as my husbands family. They were named the Robertsons (William and Elsie) and they lived on Beatrice street in Vancouver – I have not yet found them in the latest release, but I will keep looking. Keep going with the great posts – I love to read them – you sound like a great person and I will let you know if I come across the St. Catherine Deacons you are looking for.

  3. I am trying to find a family by the surname of PERCIVAL on St Catherine’s Street, head of household Arthur E. I found him in a city directory under 6129. I can’t do any sort of comparison to the 1911 census because they only moved to Canada in 1913. My very limited understanding of the enumeration district system would suggest I need to look under Vancouver South. Having never researched the Canadian censuses before, any advice would be welcome. Your breakdown of the addresses in the districts seems very useful to me.
    Many thanks


    • Yes, I think you’re correct in that you’d need Vancouver South district. If I remember correctly, if you take the hundred-block of the address and subtract 15 you get a rough estimate of the cross street you to look at. So for 6100 you’d need to look around 46th Street and St. Catherine’s. Oh, and that is definitely NOT Point Grey, so you can completely disregard those wards. I’m planning on having a look at Vancouver South soon as I have family there as well, but it’s a little daunting as geographically it’s a very large area.
      Thanks for commenting. I’m glad to hear someone is finding these little notes of use.

      • Hi Liza
        After many, many hours of laboriously looking through the Vancouver South districts, I did find Arthur E Percival, but unfortunately his family were not with him on census night, so no further forward! Drat.
        You’re not kidding, it is a huge area – the enumerator’s handwriting leaves something to be desired as well -some of the images very hard to read. I can’t face any more so Charlotte Percival, son Jack, daughter Bessie and two others (names not known) will have to wait until an online index appears.
        It’s nice that you have this census available to you now – here in the UK, there seems very little chance of seeing our 1921 census until 2022, and then nothing for many years as 1931 was pulped and none taken in 1941. Think I’ll be dead by the time they release the 1951!
        Keep up the good work.


  4. Thanks very much. Henderson’s 1921 Vancouver Directory and your page here took me pretty well directly to the people I was looking for on Windsor St. Saved me hours or weeks of searching 🙂

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