More 1921 Census of Canada, but Vancouver Centre, District 22

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UPDATE (30 October 2013): The images are now Indexed on  There are varying reports on the accuracy of the transcriptions.

Well, not having much luck finding my brick wall ancestors in Vancouver, district 13 (see my previous post), I’m forging ahead with a new plan.  Maybe they didn’t move from their old address until after the census in June and before November 1921 (when I know they were at the new address).  So, here are some rough notes on Vancouver Centre, District 22 images as I go through them:

Subdistrict 1, Ward 1–covers the area around:  300/500/600/800s Howe St, 800s Hasting St West, 400/500/600/800s Hornby, 800s Pender,  800s Dunsmuir, 800s Smythe, 800s Robson, 1290 Matthews Ave (16 pages)

Subdistrict 2, Ward 1–900s Hornby, 800s Nelson, 900s Howe, 2121 Broad St Regina Sask (yup, you read that right…lol), 800s Smithe, 1000s Hornby, 800s Helmcken, 1000s Howe, 800s Nelson (15 pages)

Subdistrict 3, Ward 1–800s Helmcken (?), 1100s Howe, 800s Davie, 1100s Hornby, 1200s Howe, 800s Drake, 1200s Hornby, 1300s Howe, 800s Pacific, 1300s Hornby, 1400s Howe (14 pages)

Subdistrict 4, Ward 1–900s Hastings West, 400s Hornby, 900s Pender, 500s Burrard, 500s Hornby, 600s Burrard, 900s Dunsmuir (including the YWCA), 900s Georgia st West, 600s Hornby, 510 Hastings (18 pages)

Subdistrict 5, Ward 1–900s Hornby, 900s Smithe, 900s Burrard, 900s Nelson, 800s Hornby (odd), 900s Robson, 800s Burrard, 700s Burrard (15 pages)

Subdistrict 6, Ward 1–1100s Hornby (odd), 1200s Hornby, 1300s Hornby (odd), 900s Beach, 900s Pacific, 1400s Burrard, 1400s Hornby, 1300s Burrard, 900s Drake, 1200s Burrard, 900s Davie, 1100s Burrard (17 pages)

Subdistrict 7, Ward 1–1000s Melville, 1000s Dunsmuir, 600s Thurlow, 500s Burrard, 1000s Eveleigh (?), 500s Thurlow, 1000s Pender, 1000s Seaton, “Detention shed”, 323 Burrard (17 pages)

Subdistrict 8, Ward 1–600/700s/800s Burrard, 1000s Melville, 1000s Georgia St West, 600s Thurlow, 1000s Alberni, 1000s Robson, 700/800s Thurlow, 1000s Haro, 240 Thurlow, (17 pages)

Subdistrict 9, Ward 1–800s-1000s Burrard, 1000s Comox, 1000s Nelson, 900s Thurlow, 1000s Haro, 1000s Nelson, 1000s Barclay (20 pages)

Subdistrict 10, Ward 1–1000s Burnaby St, 1000s Davie, 1100/1200s Burrard, 1100s Thurlow, 1000/1100s Pendrell, 1000s Comox, St. Paul’s Hospital (staff and missionaries and a few patients listed) (14 pages)

Subdistrict 11, Ward 1–1000s Burnaby St, 1200/1300/1400ss Burrard, 1000s Pacific, 1300/1400s Thurlow, 1000s Beach, 1000s Harwood  (12 pages)

Subdistrict 12, Ward 1–1100s Georgia St West, 900s Bute, 1100s Melville, 600s Bute, 500/600s Thurlow, 1100s Pender St West, 1100s Seaton (14 pages)

Subdistrict 13, Ward 1–1100s Georgia, 1100s Alberni, 700s Thurlow, 1100s Robson, 800s Bute, 1100s Haro, 700s Bute, 1100s Robson, 800s Thurlow, 1100s Barclay, 1100s Thurlow, 900s Thurlow, “Infants Dept General Hospital” (nurses, maids and wards) (21 pages)

Subdistrict 14, Ward 1–1100s Davie, 1100s Bute, 1100s Pendrell, 1100s Comox, 1000s Bute, 1100s Barclay, 900s Bute, 1100s Nelson, 900/1000s Thurlow, 1000s Bute (20 pages)

Subdistrict 15, Ward 1–1100s Davie, 1200s Bute, 1200s Thurlow, 1100s Burnaby, 1100s Harwood, 1400s Bute, 1000s Harwood, 1300s Thurlow, 1100s Pacific, 1300s Porter (?), 1100s Beach, 1400s Thurlow, 1100s Thurlow (17 pages)

Subdistrict 16, Ward 1–1200s Seaton, 400s Bute, “Seaforth Club”, 1200s Melville, 1200s West Pender, 600s Bute, 1200s West Georgia, 700s Jervis, 1200s Robson, 700s Bute, 1200s Alberni, 600s Jervis (16 pages)

Subdistrict 17, Ward 1–800s Bute, 1200s Haro, 800s Jervis, 1200s Robson, 1200s Barclay, 900s Bute, 1200s Nelson (7 pages)

Subdistrict 18, Ward 1–1200s Nelson, 1000s Jervis, 1200s Comox, 1100s Jervis, 1200s Pendrell, 1100s Bute, 1200s Davie, 1000s Bute (7 pages)

Subdistrict 19, Ward 1–1200s Bute, 1200s Burnaby, 1200s Jervis, 1200s Davie, 1200s Harwood, 1300s Jervis, 1200s Pacific, 1200s Beach (10 pages)

Subdistrict 20, Ward 1–1300s Haro, 800s Jervis, 1300s Robson, 1200s Robson, 1300s Alberni, 800s Broughton, 1300s Robson, 1300s Georgia W, 700s Jervis, 700s Broughton, 1300s Pender W, 600s Broughton, 600s Jervis, 1300s Melville, Tugboats (yup, listed by tugboat name, SS etc), 4400s Dumfries (“Pope Octavius”, Episcopal, arrived from England in 1870) (15 pages)

Subdistrict 21, Ward 1–1300s Haro, 800/900s Broughton, 1300s Barclay, 900s Jervis, 1300s Nelson, 1000s Jervis, “Crofton House School”, 1000s Broughton, 1300s Comox, 1300s Bonsor,  1100s Broughton, 1300s Pendrell, 1300s Davie (11 pages)

Subdistrict 22, Ward 1–1300s Beach, 1300s Jervis, 1300s Pacific, 1300s Harwood, 1300s Burnaby, 1300s Georgia (7 pages)

Subdistrict 23, Ward 1–1400s Pender W,  600s Broughton, 1400s Georgia W, 700s Broughton, 1400s Robson, 700s Nicola, 1400s Alberni, 800s Nicola, 1400s Haro, 800s Broughton, 900s Nicola, 1400s Haro, 1400s Barclay (9 pages)

Subdistrict 24, Ward 1–1400s Barclay, 1000s Broughton, 900s Nicola, 1400s Nelson, 900s Broughton, 900s Nicola, 1100s Broughton, 1000/1100s Nicola, 900s Broughton, 1400s Comox, 1400s Pendrell (11 pages)

…going to take a little break from Vancouver and move over to Saskatchewan for a bit…..Thank you to the couple of you have left me messages–I very much appreciate it.  When my blog went from a couple of visitors a month to 4 or 5 a day I wasn’t sure if I was helping or hindering others’ 1921 census searches.  If my little notes help at least one person, then it’s all good.  🙂  And so I continue…

Subdistrict 25, Ward 1–1200s Nicola, 1400s Burnaby, 1400s Davie, 1200s Broughton, 1400s Harwood, 1200s-1300s Nicola, 1300s Broughton, 1400s Beach, 1400s Broughton (8 pages)

Subdistrict 26, Ward 1–1000s Nicola, 1500s Comox, 1000s Cardero, 1500s Nelson, 900s Nicola, 1500s Barclay, 900s Cardero, 900s Nicola, 1500s Haro, 800s Cardero, 800s Nicola, 1500s Robson, 700s Nicola, 700s Cardero, 1500s Alberni, 1500s (W) Georgia, 1500s Pender (15 pages)

Subdistrict 27, Ward 1–1000s Nicola, 1500s Comox, (what nice clear printing this enumerator has!), 1000s/1100s Cardero, 1100s Nicola, 1500s Pendrill,  1500s Davie, 1200s Nicola, 1200s Cardero, 1500s Burnaby, 1300s Cardero, 1300s Nicola, 1500s Harwood, 1500s Beach, 1400s Nicola (7 pages)

Subdistrict 28, Ward 1–900s Cardero,  1600s Nelson, 900s Bidwell, 1600s Barclay, 1600s Haro, 800s Bidwell, 1600s Robson, 700s Cardero, 1600s Alberni, 700s Bidwell, 1600s Georgia, 800s Cardero (20 pages)

Subdistrict 29, Ward 1–1600s Nelson (evens), 1600s Comox, 1000s Cardero (odd), 1600s Pendrell, 1600s Davie, 1100s Bidwell (evens), 1100s Cardero, 1200s Bidwell, 1600s Burnaby, 1200s Cardero (odds), 1300s Bidwell, 1600s Harwood, 1600s Beach, 1300s Cardero (15 pages)



  1. […] I’m starting with Vancouver, which includes North Vancouver (but NOT Vancouver Centre, or Vancouver South): (DISTRICT 13) (see my Downtown Vancouver-District 22- notes here) […]

  2. Too right, I am looking for relations on 264 Powell St and have found every number in between, but not that one! Seems strange, but hopefully once the indexing is completed we will find these missing entries.

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