Still more 1921 Census of Canada, Vancouver South (District 23)

In General Genealogy on September 24, 2013 at 5:49 PM

UPDATE (30 October 2013): The images are now Indexed on  There are varying reports on the accuracy of the transcriptions.

Continuing in the same vein as before, here are some rough notes I’ve made as I’ve gone through some of the scans at

Subdistrict 1, Point Grey: covers 1400s King Edward, 1400s Laurier, 1400s Balfour, 4000s Cartier, 1300s Laurier, 3900/4000s Hudson, 3800s Cartier, 1300s Balfour, 3800s Hudson, 1300s Laurier, 4000s Selkirk, 1200s Balfour, 3800s Selkirk, 1200s Laurier, 3800s Hudson, 4000s Osler, 3900s Osler, 1000/1100s Laurier, 3800s Osler, 1000s Balfour, 1200s King Edward,  3500/3600s Osler, 1000s Wolfe, 1000s Balfour, 1000/1100s Matthews, 1100s Balfour, 3800s Osler, 3600/3700s Selkirk, 1200s Matthews, 3600/3700s Hudson, 3600/3700s Cartier,1300s Balfour, 1300s Matthews,  1200s Balfour, 1400s Balfour, 1400s Angus, 1400s McRae, 3200/3300s Granville, 1400s Matthews, 3400s Osler, 3500s Hudson, 1300s The Crescent, 1000-1200s Tecumseh, 1100s Wolfe, 1000s 16th Ave, 1000s Douglas, 3700s Granville, 1100s Montcalm, 3800s Cartier (15 pages)

Subdistrict 16— covers 400s 16th Avenue West, 10s-500s 17th Ave W, 3200s Cambie St,          (35 pages)


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